Member of the JSE Limited


We pride ourselves in being able to provide the following personalised services to clients:

  • Portfolio Management   
    • We manage a tailored long-term share portfolio on your behalf of carefully chosen JSE listed shares.
    • The same as above but the portfolio is wrapped in a Momentum endowment to optimise tax efficiency.

  • Retirement Funds    
    • We manage your retirement annuity, living annuity, preservation provident / pension fund in a Personal Share Portfolio administered by Momentum.
    • Managed corporate pension / provident funds.

  • Employee Benefits    
    • Employee Benefits and investments for future financial independence. For more information, click here.

  • Global Collective Investments       
    • The Independent Global Flexible Fund invests globally and aims to achieve long-term US$ capital appreciation in a simple and tax efficient investment vehicle.
    • For monthly factsheets and daily NAV please click here.

  • Global Segregated Investments            
    • We have a long term track record of successfully managing segregated global share portfolios on the Saxo Bank platform.
    • Provide asset swap facilities to trusts, companies and individuals.

  • Nautilus Northshore Opportunity RI Hedge Fund            
    • Invest in the Nautlius Northshore Opportunity RI Hedge Fund, a multi asset class, retail hedge fund that offers equity market returns but with substantially less volatility.
    • For the latest factsheet, please click here.

  • Advisory Service 
    • We provide portfolio and share advice for a fee.

  • Execution Only Service
    • We provide safe custody for your investments and transact only on your instruction.

  • Cash Investments
    • JSE trustees is the default cash investment for JSE accounts.
    • Earn the average daily rate of the top four money market funds by investing in Investec Corporate Cash Manager.

  • Lending 
    • Borrow up to 70% of your portfolio by utilizing Investec’s prime margin lending service.